Starting the New Year!

Up next in Abby's itinerary for this new year of 2018 is a new entry for perhaps one of the biggest Western Art shows in California. The Red Bluff Bull and Gelding sale is to take place the week of January 23rd and Abby Rose's original painting "The Best of October" was accepted into the contest with flying colors. It is now being featured among the many other art piece entry's on the Bull and Gelding Sale's website on their Art Show page. 

Not only will Abby's "The Best of October" painting have a chance at winning the first prize and gaining the recognition and prestige that will come with such an honor, but she has also been invited by the art show directors to have her art booth be showcased among the vendors for the entire week of the show. 

If you are happen to be in the neighborhood during this fun week of the biggest auction in California, please swing by and find us! Abby Rose is more than thrilled at the chance to be part of something so wonderful, and meeting new friends and clients along the way. 

The Best of October 

The Best of October 

Abigail Dunnivan