A deposit payment is required for all commission orders. The remainder of the payment is due upon product delivery. All orders are processed on a first come first serve basis, save for rare exceptions of time sensitive circumstances. These special circumstances will be decided by the artist, Abby Rose, personally. 

Size Chart

  • Small 5"x 5"- 8"x 10": $750-$800

  • Medium 11"x 14"- 16"x 18": $1,000- $1,500

  • Large 18"x 20"- 20"x 26": $1,750-$2,500

  • Sizes can also be customized to client's specifications.

Additional Costs

Family Portrait

If you wish to add a second or multiple subjects to your commission, each subject is an additional $100 to the total price.


Abby Rose Heartworks offers a framing package where you as the client can either partner with her in the selecting of a frame for your masterpiece, or Abby can select and get the commission framed for you. Framing costs will vary upon the size of the artwork.

Shipping and Handling

For clients who choose to have their commissions shipped, Abby Rose Heartworks uses specialized shipping boxes that better ensure the safe transportation of your purchase. Shipping fees for US deliveries are $200. Out of country deliveries can be discussed.